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DCC dog ban in dublin

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DCC dog ban in dublin

Post by celticpitbulls on Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:38 am

Here we go again with responsible dog owners and council tenants being discriminated against and treated as second class citizens in yet another example of Ireland's two-tier society. Just because we don't own our house does not make us unfit to care for and love a pet and be a responsible owner just like someone who can afford to buy a house. the banning of breeds does not work it hasn't worked in other country's and it certainty wont work here in Ireland for the simple reason is dogs regardless of breed are not the problem irresponsible owners are. let me explain Breed specific legislation only persecutes and effects the responsible owners and there well behaved pets bsl protects irresponsible owners as the blame for what ever incident occurs is always put on the dog.
It is clear that a dog’s breed is only one factor which may affect its behavior. Attempting to define the law purely in relation to breed has failed to protect the public. This view is supported by several leading organizations concerned with the welfare of dogs. The widely accepted view is that the way a dog is trained and treated is far more important in determining its behavior than its breed.One academic study carried out in Scotland – immediately before and after the introduction of the DDA - found that the restricted breeds were responsible for very few of the attacks seen by A & E departments. It also found that introducing breed specific legislation did not have any short-term effect on the overall amount of dog bite incidents dealt with in A & E departments.
It is important to mention the role of the owner in a dog’s behavior. Breed specific legislation focuses on the dog and takes no account of the ability of the owner to look after the dog, or how the dog has been trained, if it has been trained at all. since last year when Dublin City council introduced this ban i took it upon myself to prove it was not a breed problem we have it is a people problem and noticed another problem with bsl restricted breed are also restricted from some training classes and also pet insurance. with grate difficulty i found a trainer Mr John Ward (Dublin Dog Training) who would take on the pit bull breed in his obedience classes i encouraged owners to attend with there dogs the outcome was entirely predictable these dogs where clearly no different then any other breed we have just graduated from our first level of obedience and are looking forward to attending our agility classes and so on we have formed a group Ireland pit bull terrier association and firmly believe in deed not breed we hope to promote a more responsible owner audience by showing this breed in the right hands are no different then other breeds and to prove it is all in how a dog is treated and raised, the beetling down of breeds and portraying them in a mad dog image in my opinion encourages and attracts the wrong people to these breeds for all the wrong reasons. If certain breeds of dog are ban it wont be long before the next breed will be victimized and brings us back to square one and might i add it does nothing to target puppy farmers who of course own there own houses having made so much money from breeding and selling dogs with no thought whatsoever as to health, temperament and welfare of the puppy's they are selling or the suitability of the people they are selling them to. It would be more productive in the prevention of dog attacks and the various other problems, for which dogs are blamed instead of irresponsible owners, if Dublin city council like Germany would provide facilities for training classes to encourage responsible ownership rather than persecuting the innocent responsible owners and theRE well behaved and loved pets....

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