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Holly & Henry

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Holly & Henry

Post by caroline/dnb on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:54 am

Holly is in a stressful environment and is not really dealing with it well. This doesn't mean she is a bad dog, she just doesn't know what to do in a place as noisy and as scary as the pound. She doesn't like being locked up and why should she. She's worried but she's an exceptionally loving dog. You can just tell when you meet her that she has a huge heart, even in her confusion about finding herself here. Will someone consider giving her the second chance that she deserves. She seems to have it all, looks and brains but all she needs is a home. in kennel 20, needs out Saturday 10th March. If interested in adopting phone pound on 01 8026676.

It is so difficult to judge a dog that is in a kennel. Henry seems worried and indeed he's unsure of the camera, but doesn't he have the most kissable and smooshy face ever! How can a person resist such a bug mushy head. He is friendly and playful and delighted to be outside of his four walls. I fell in love with his brown nose but that won't save him. He needs someone to come get him if his right...ful owners don't. I have a feeling that his girlfriend is next door as when she spotted him outside she cried for him. This is a gorgeous boy but he's no real chance of getting out of here anytime soon without some serious networking so please don't forget to share. In kennel 19. Needs out Saturday 10th March. Call pound on 01 8026676 if interested in adopting.

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